Wayhome Survival Guide

Make it out of Wayhome alive!

It’s that time of year again folks! You’ll stand for hours in the sun, walk in the mud and sleep in a smelly tent just to see your favourite bands this summer. For that, we salute you! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that bad. With our survival guide you can come out of Wayhome without looking like a homeless person.

TIP1: Bring a few big trash bags.

Garbage bags can become one of the most useful things in your backpack. It can keep your pillow dry. It can keep your wet clothes separate from your dry stuff. Most importantly it can become and impromptu poncho if it begins to rain. Also, you can just use it as a garbage. That’s good too.


TIP2: Sunscreen

I cannot stress the importance of bringing a high SPF. I hear you saying “…but I don’t even burn!”. You will if you’re out in a the sun for 10 hours. There is no quicker way to ruin your evening than burning yourself during the day.  50 SPF or higher. No excuses.

TIP3: Hand Sanitizer

For all of the reasons you can already think of. Bring hand sanitizer. You can even get them in key chain size!

TIP4: Earplugs

The music goes all night long and if you want to catch some Z’s so you can see your favourite band playing bright and early in the morning, get earplugs. They usually come in multi-packs and you will be someones hero when you offer them a pair to get to sleep.

**We’re not sure why these are “women’s earplugs”? Possibly just because they are pink? Down with the patriarchy!**


TIP5: Reusable water bottle.

There are so many reason why this is a good idea. The first being that water is SO EXPENSIVE at festivals. Skip the lines, keep your money and save the environment! Everybody wins!