WATCH: You Could win $20,000 if you Make it Through this Haunted House

This is not your typical haunted house...

Even if you say you love haunted houses and being scared, you are probably not prepared for McKamey Manor. In order to even get through the door, you need a sports fitness test, a doctor’s note, a 40-page waiver, a safe word, a background check, proof of medical insurance, pass a portable drug test on the day of the tour and watch this 2-hour video.

McKamey Manor has been featured on Netflix’s “Haunters: Art of the Scare” and on an episode of “Dark Tourist”.

Nobody has EVER completed the experience.

The price to tour the manor is a bag of dog food because Russ McKamey, the guy who runs it, has five dogs.

If you give up during your tour, you have to face a camera and say “You don’t have to do this”.