*WATCH* Woman Chronicles Her Sleepwalking

Her husband installed cameras and hilarity ensued.

Celina Meyers, or @celinaspookyboo on TikTok has always sleepwalked, and sometimes that has left her in some interesting situations. Her first TikTok that got her some fame in was when she wound up naked locked out of her hotel room…


@celinaspookybooI just want to pay respect to the sleepwalking video that started it all for you♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo


But then her husband installed cameras in their house, and that’s when she REALLY took off.

What she got up to while unconscious is AMAZING!
*WARNING* There is some language. But she’s asleep so it’s okay.


@celinaspookybooI remember dreaming about a pool party♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo

@celinaspookybooSame intro but new clips!♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo

@celinaspookyboo♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo

Her brother is apparently even worst than her…


@celinaspookybooThree people in my fam have cheese and chocolate induced sleep walking – this was an experiment.

♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo