WATCH: What Happens When You Drink & Drive

No Puppies Were Hurt in the Making of this Video

Yesterday we had a chance to check out DriveWise‘s new Drinking & Driving simulator. This new technology is designed to show students the effects of impairment on their their driving skills while in a safe environment. Check it out!

If this isn’t reason enough for you to call a cab or stay the night, here are some startling statistics that might convince you:

  • Impaired Driving is the leading driver condition that causes fatal collisions
  • Alcohol use by drivers is a factor in almost 30% of deaths from vehicle crashes
  • Drunk driving makes up nearly 25% of all fatalities in Ontario
  • Impaired driving is the leading criminal offence which causes death (approx. 1000 fatalities/year in Canada)

Unless you want to end up in jail — or worse– plan ahead and whatever you do, don’t drink & drive!