WATCH: Ron Burgundy Doing NHL Play-by-Play is the Best

Somebody hire this man!

Thursday Night at Staples Centre the legend himself, Ron Burgundy appeared in the announce booth during the LA Kings & San Jose Sharks game.

The Kings have no playoff hopes so this was the kind of spice required to maintain interest in LA for hockey.

The legendary anchorman provided surprising background and insight into players.

When a team’s playoff hopes are seemingly non-existent even Ron Burgundy can’t get a chant going.

When San Francisco’s favourite anchorman makes a guest appearance, he gets fed damnit!

A break in the actions means it’s time for the Burrito Kiss-Cam.

Ron Burgundy’s “put that baby to bed” call on Kopitar’s goal was a show stopper.

His signature salute to cap off a great night. Next time, it’s a Leafs game Ron!