Watch Netflix Canada With Friends While Social Distancing with New Add-On

Netflix and chill...responsibly!

It’s important to try to maintain some level of normalcy while we’re all social distancing. Thankfully you can still watch TV with your friends and family thanks to a new Chrome browser extension. The best part: It’s free!

Netflix Party¬†syncs the movie or TV show you’re all watching so somebody doesn’t fall behind after a long bathroom break. You can even chat in a separate window to share your opinions and takes on what’s going on in the program.

The extension already has almost 1 million users and is very easy to install. Once it’s installed you just start watching whatever you’re going to watch on Netflix and select the ‘NP’ icon next to the URL at the top of the page. Then you select ‘start party’, which gives you a unique URL to send to your friends. Once they open it, they also click the ‘NP’ icon and voila! binge watching with all your friends but ALSO social distancing!