WATCH: Michael Phelps Raced a Shark

To kick off shark week 2017

Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps helped kick off Shark Week 2017 by racing a great white shark.

“Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” aired Sunday night on Discovery Channel. This race has been hyped up for weeks. A shark’s top speed is 25mph, while Phelps’ is just 6mph. So to even the playing field, they gave him a shark-like wetsuit and a monofin to emulate a shark’s tail. So…who reigned supreme?

Obviously…the shark won…by two full seconds.

Also…he didn’t actually race a shark. It was a SIMULATED race…because…they didn’t want him to get eaten.

(cover photo via Marco Paköeningrat flickr)