WATCH: Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reunite on Stage at NY Comic Con

Such a heartwarming reunion

Marty McFly and Doc Brown shared a stage once again at New York City Comic Con this past weekend.

Fox, who has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since he was 29 years old mentioned that he’s had a pretty rough year.

““Well, in the last year I’ve broken my cheek, my eye socket, my hand, my elbow … my shoulder. I had a rough year of getting beat up. But that was really cool because it made me realize … with gratitude, it’s sustainable. If you can find something to be grateful for, if you can find something and say, ‘Well, that’s good,’ … It’ll always get better… I’m very optimistic.”

It’s quite a heartwarming reunion. Check it out:

(cover photo via Zooma flickr)