Watch: Leslie Jones Mimics Will Ferrell’s Classic SNL Characters

"Get Off The Shed!"

Will Ferrell will return to SNL this Saturday as host and it seems current cast members are taking the opportunity to pay tribute to some of his classic characters.

In a new promo for this weekends episode, Leslie Jones channels nearly all of Ferrell’s most beloved characters. George W. Bush, Alex Trebek, Harry Caray, Spartan cheerleader and the “Get off the shed!” guy. The clip ends with Jones taking on the Gene Frenkle character, the fictional Blue Öyster Cult cowbell player. In that final bit, Jones bangs the cowbell directly Ferrell’s face, while he attempts to hide his laughter.

Ferrell will host the January 27th episode, which features Chris Stapleton as musical guest.

Watch the entire promo below: