WATCH: KISS force interviewer to take off Iron Maiden shirt

As they should!

This interviewer was afraid of looking like a fanboy so instead of showing up for his interview with KISS in a KISS t-shirt, he instead wore an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Bad move, buddy.

The band was not having any of it. In fact they actually made him take off the t-shirt.

Singer Paul Stanley said to the interviewer, “Gustavo, I have a question to ask. KISS is K-I-S-S. This does not spell KISS, Gustavo. You made a big mistake.”

He replied honestly by saying, “Honestly, I picked this t-shirt specially to do the interview with you guys. It’s not cool to wear a KISS t-shirt doing a KISS interview.”

The rest of the band joined in with co-lead singer Gene Simmons saying, “That’s not gonna happen, I don’t want him wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. How about an Iron Maiden interview and we wear KISS t-shirts? Is that okay?”

He definitely has a point. You wouldn’t wear a random sports jersey of a team that’s not playing at the game you’re at, so why would you wear a band shirt of a band you’re not interviewing? I mean, it doesn’t have to be a KISS shirt; it could just be a regular shirt but another band? Dude, come on.

Watch it all ensue here:

YouTube / Daskeladden1

The interview was actually from 2012 but went viral last week when it resurfaced online as things tend to do in this age of social media.