WATCH: Guy Passes Out On Stage, Sleeps Through Entire Metal Set

"I really dug everything I heard, even thought I looked like the Minor Threat guy"

The human body is an amazing thing. When you’re tired, there’s nothing you can do about it, you’re going to fall asleep. When the fatigue hits you could be anywhere: a restaurant with friends, at the bar after a couple drinks, or on the stage at a metal show in a Brooklyn warehouse.

The latter actually happened a couple days back and there’s video proof. A concertgoer was too overcome by exhaustion that he passed out on stage with his head in his lap, somehow not awaking for the entirety of doom metal band Fórn’s set as the lead singer pretty much screamed right beside his ear for 20 minutes.

The band posted the video to Facebook, “Apparently, 3 a.m. is too late of a set time for some people, like the dude who is passed out on stage the entire time that somehow none of us realized. Can somebody check on him and make sure he’s not dead?”

“Hey I’m that guy and I’m still alive unfortunately,” A Facebook commenter chimed in. “I really dug everything I heard though even though I looked like the Minor Threat guy.”

We’re glad he’s alive an well. Take a look for yourself below: