WATCH: Fishing with Mentos and Coke

well...that's one way...

Mentos are like the duct tape of mints. People use them for everything except freshening your breath. Even fishing. Successfully.

According to Reddit user NoahRCarver the mentos and Coke reaction sucks all the oxygen out of the water and forces the fish to the surface where the ‘fisherman’ can easily grab hold of it.

“the science is actually awesome!
no clue what the egg does though….
anyway, coke is a solution of water, some stuff and carbon dioxide. the mentos makes it so the carbon dioxide cant stay in the coke solution (its actually the rough surface as the mint partially disolves that forms nucleation sites, according to one source) so, now, as co2 is coming out of solution, all the O2 in solution wants to stick to it.
so, now theres no air in solution for fish gills to breathe. so they start to drown!”