WATCH: Dave Grohl Joins A Fan To Perform Cover Of ‘Money For Nothing’

He joins 'Grohlathon' and plays drums

Dave Grohl superfan Pat Finnerty was doing an Instagram Live show when the star himself, videobombed the livestream!

Finnerty has been doing a series of videos where he challenges himself to record all of the parts of a single song. So far, he has had a cardboard cutout of Grohl, but on Saturday he got the real deal!

The project, which he calls the ‘Grohlathon’ was going on 9 hours of live video, when Grohl joined in.

They jammed together playing Dire Straits’ ‘Money For Nothing’ with Grohl playing the guitar and drums.

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We got Grohl. Thanks Grohl.

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Dave Grohl is the best with surprising his fans! What a guy!

Main Image via Twitter @BBCR1