Watch: Bruce Springstreen Invites Australian Teen Onstage

Best Reason Ever To Miss School

Bruce Springsteen is currently on tour in Australia. On Thursday he played in Brisbane, and during the show The Boss called out to a teenage fan in the audience. who had a sign that said “Missed school, in the sh*t, now can I play Growing Up with you?”

You know it all on guitar? You do? Come on up!

The teen, named Nathan Testa, happened to have a pick in his pocket (how convenient) was handed a guitar by one of the techs, and then proceeded to help Springsteen play his 1973 hit “Growing Up”.

The Boss also offered Nathan a few pointers, telling him that it “wasn’t about how well you played, it was how good you looked doing it

Watch below:

(Courtesy of MsEsther76 on YouTube)