WATCH: Bono Tells Ellen U2 Saved His Life

They appeared on the show for the first time ever!

In the middle of their North American leg of the eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour, Bono and The Edge dropped by to chat with Ellen for the first time ever.

Bono recalled how U2 really saved him:

“I was a bit of a stray dog, my mother died when I was a kid, I was just a scavenger,” Bono said. “It’s no joke to say it, nothing drives me crazy about them in any real sense because genuinely they kind of saved my life,”

“I really felt as a teenager, I had no reason to exist until I found them. And they also supplied food and refreshments. I don’t know if this is interesting but my missus, Ali, I started dating her the same week I joined U2 and that was a great week.”

Watch the whole clip here:

YouTube / TheEllenShow