Watch: Binging With Babish Recreates The “Every Meat Burrito”

"The Most Expensive Episode Of Binging With Babish By Far"

Binging With Babish is a YouTube account known for recreating classic dishes from your favourite TV shows. He’s made everything from a SpongeBob Square Pants inspired Krabby Patty

To the Dessert Breakfast Pasta from the movie Elf

To celebrate 2 Million subscribers to his YouTube channel, Babish decided he’d make the “Every Meat Burrito” from Regular Show. Here’s a reminder of exactly what types of meat that burrito has, in case you’re not familiar with the show:

Obviously, it’s a little tricky to find crow and naked mole rat meat so Babish had to get a little creative. He decided to use “every meat readily available” to the American consumer. Mmmmm, Kangaroo Steak. The results was truly disgusting….and expensive!

Watch below: