WATCH: Ben Stiller’s ‘Back to the Future’ Audition

This could have been a very different movie

“Back to the Future” could have been a very different movie if Ben Stiller got the role of Marty McFly.

Obviously, the role went to Michael J. Fox, but the movie might have looked a little darker if Stiller had landed it. Check out the video of him during the scene where Marty goes on a date with his mom.

Apparently Stiller wasn’t the only celebrity who tried for the role. Johnny Depp and John Cusack also auditioned.

Eric Stoltz is the actor who landed the role first, but got fired and replaced with Michael J. Fox.

Obviously that was a good choice since ‘Back to the Future’ was the highest grossing film worldwide in 1985. Not to mention the two sequels it generated.

Also, in case you want to do some comparisons, here’s the clip of Marty and Lorraine’s date from the movie.