WATCH: Barrie Boy Celebrate Final Cancer Treatment With Batman

Southlake Regional Health Centre Sets Up Surprise

Lawrence Rudolph of Barrie, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was just 19 months-old. Now 3 years later, and just 3 months shy of his 5th birthday, he has finally come to the end of his chemotherapy.

Southlake Regional Health Centre set up the surprise for little Lawrence to celebrate his last cancer treatment. Gotham’s own Batman came all the way to the Newmarket hospital to show off Lawrence’s super-strength.

Southlake Regional Health Centre posted this video to YouTube showing the celebration, and also the pivotal moment when Lawrence got to ring the bell at the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario Clinic, signifying the end of his time there, and his treatment.

The caption for the video reads:

“We are overjoyed that four year old Lawrence celebrated his last cancer treatment on March 2. We are proud and honoured to share this special experience for Lawrence and his family.”

(Video & Image Courtesy of SouthlakeRHC/YouTube)

The Morning Crew caught up with Lawrence’s mother Samantha Rudolph to chat about Lawrence’s superhero encounter: