Watch: Arkells Played ‘Leather Jacket’ In Hamilton Over The Weekend

And It Was Pure Magic

The Arkells played the biggest show of their lives this past weekend in Hamilton, rocking their hometown crowd until past the 11:00 noise bylaw cut-off. They played a selection of hits from their catalogue, starting with Knocking At The Door, and wrapping it all up with a love letter to their hometown of Hamilton.


Max’s #ArkellsRally setlist.

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All reports say that the show was incredible, and the energy unmatched. Videos from the ‘Rally’ show exactly that, with 20,000+ fans hanging on every note.


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On Tuesday, the Arkells released a video of their performance of ‘Leather Jacket’ from Saturday night, and it just further proves the point that if you missed the show you really missed out.

Feature image courtesy of Arkells via Facebook