WATCH: 8 Year-Old Girl Drumming to Led Zeppelin

She absolutely crushed "Good Times Bad Times"

8 year-old Yoyoka Soma covered John Bonham’s drum part on Zeppelin’s, “Good Times Bad Times” as her entry in to the 2018 Hit Like A Girl drum contest. Bonham’s drum part in the song is one of rock’s most legendary beats, but also one of the trickiest to pull off because of the skipping kick-drum part during the verse.

Yoyoka picked up her first set of drum sticks when my kid was watching Bubble Guppies at age 2. By 4 years-old she was playing in front of an audience doing concerts with her parents.

The results aren’t in yet from her contest with this video entry but if it goes by vote, she’s got ours hands down!

Check out her foot at the 25 second mark. She absolutely NAILS the skip!