Warm Weather Is Here! Here’s Free Stuff to Do

Free you say? I'm In!

This upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday have some beautiful weather on the way. 25 degrees MINIMUM! What should you be doing? I can tell you right now being stuck inside is probably on the bottom of your list. Lets check out some cool stuff to do Outside for yourself in the Barrie and surrounding area.. Oh did I mention it’s FREE?

3: Heritage Park

A local staple for weekly events, nice walks with exercise equipment and you could even catch a fish if you want. Heritage Park is a beautiful example of a place you can go, spend no money, and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

2: Sunnidale Arboretum 

Beautiful walks, a ton of stuff and a park for the kids. Honestly, bring the dog there’s a massive field for throwing balls.

1: Mono Cliffs

This one is a little bit of a drive but public trails are pretty much everywhere. This area hosts a beautiful river that flows off the Nottawasaga and creates such a beautiful landscape with cliffs that dive hundreds of feet to the shorelines of a flowing shallow river. I highly reccomend visiting the Mono Cliffs.