Voyager “Golden Record” Getting Vinyl Re-Issue

40 Years After The Voyager Probes Were Launched

Forty years ago, NASA sent two probes into outer space, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 to study our surrounding universe. Hidden inside both probes was a Golden Record, for the purpose of communicating with any intelligent life that may discover it one day.

The Golden Record contains media that represents Earth, including images, spoken messages, sounds of earth and music. Included in that playlist is music from Mozart, Blind Willie Johnson, Chuck Berry, and Valya Balkanska.

Until now, the contents have been unavailable to the public. Marking its 40th anniversary, the Golden Record is set to get a vinyl reissue from Ozma Records, and will be available as a two-disc CD and a 3 disc vinyl boxset this coming February. The collection will also include liner notes from Timothy Ferris, the LP’s original producer.

Take a look at what the collection will look like below. For more information check Light In The Attic’s website.