Virtual CNE

Covid Can't Stop Our Traditions

The Canadian National Exhibition would have swung open it’s gates for more than 140 times this weekend.  People would have been lined up Friday morning to be the first person through the gates, a tradition that goes back almost as far as Canada’s grand showcase of Fall’s Fair’s, the CNE itself.  Commonly referred to by many as simply the Ex.

Almost everyone has memories of strolling the mid-way, riding the rickety rides, playing the mid-way carny games, stopping in at the many Pavilions and enjoying the greasiest food you can imagine, all while washing it down with a jumbo Coke.  All while a guy with a “Killer” tattoo on his arm ws shouting into the mic…’Do you want to go FASTERRRRRR”.  Yes, those were the days.

Your 2016 CNE Ride Guide | Indie88

The magic has continued at the Ex seamlessly over the years signifying the last couple of weeks of any kind of summer fun that might happen before the return of school after the Labour Day Weekend.  The only exception being during World War II.  That is, until the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 which has washed out almost anything fun to do since it’s arrival this past Spring.

The organizers of the Ex realize how big and important this Canadian tradition is and as such are carrying on the fun the best they can through an on-line version of the CNE that runs from today through September 7th just like the fair itself and will include many elements you’ve come to love, like live music performances each night.  The crazy food with “tips” on how to make it at home this year.  You can even take some virtual “rides” on-line as well.  You can check it out by clicking here.  And while the CNE will not physically be running at the Fairgorunds, they can’t stop us from enjoying our annual passage of summer, the CNE.