Vancouver Woman Recycles Her Pumpkin In The Most Canadian Way Ever

Natural recycling is a beautiful thing.

Now that Halloween is over, you’re probably wondering what to do with your leftover carved pumpkins.

Before CBC journalist Manusha Janakiram even had a chance to think about what to do, nature took care of it for her.

With the caption “And I woke up wondering what to do with our pumpkin. Apparently it’s being taken care of” she posted a video of a deer chomping away at her pumpkin on the porch!

The clip has gone viral:

Other Twitter users have praised her accidental recycling method and shared their own stories of pumpkin recylcing:

If you don’t have a deer coming to your house and feeding on your pumpkin, you could do composting, plant the seeds, or turn it into a snack-o-lantern (a.k.a a bird feeder). Check out more ways here.