Undie 500 Tomorrow!

Bonus Chance to Win Birthday Bash Passes!

Well, we are approaching the half way mark of qualifying for your chance to win your way into the ROCK 95 Burn Your Mortgage Birthday Bash.  If you haven’t won your passes as yet, it’s now time to start getting serious about winning them!

Image result for rock 95 undie 500The annual Undie 500 is definitely an event for people who are serious about winning their way into the big party this fall.

It’s just a short jog around the parking lot of Bayfield Mall at 8am, but in your undies!   If your nervous of the prospect of running around in your underwear, the truck drivers driving along Bayfield St. will help you to propel yourself around the course with their air-horns, and of course the various spectators who are on hand to cheer you on.  It’s quite a spectacle really.  People of all shapes and sizes take part, and if you don’t have any undies you’d wear out in public, you can WIN a pair of GG Athletics if you are one of the first 200 people to arrive tomorrow morning!  Everyone who takes part will have a chance to win in the multiple draws for Birthday Bash passes at the event.

So, if you really want a shot at winning besides trying to be caller 9, or if you need a new pair of underwear, this event is for you.  Be at the Bayfield Mall parking lot early tomorrow morning for your chance to win.  Register around  7:30.  The run starts at 8am.  The Undie 500 is brought to you by GG Athletics, the underwear so comfortable, you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Here’s a look back at the 2016 Undie 500.