U2 is Set to Tour Their Good Album Again

30 years and going strong.

It’s been 30 years since U2’s The Edge discovered the “Delay” effect for his guitar, which would eventually lead to the unmistakable sound that is “The Joshua Tree” (also 30 years old this year).

I’m sorry if that makes you feel old.

But here’s some news that will make you feel young again!
The band will be touring the album again in 2017. So if you want to relive the magic of 1987, and remember how good U2 was before Bono started speaking in public, you’ll definitely want to grab up a couple tickets and bring your sweetie to the Toronto show on June 23rd. (TICKETS HERE)

So what can you expect to see on this tour?

According to an interview with The Edge for Rolling Stone
1) The album may or may not be played in sequence (in order to possibly build to “Where the Streets Have No Name).
2) They may also be playing some tracks of their forthcoming album “Songs of Experience”
3) You will definitely hear some songs that U2 hasn’t played in ages.
4) Guitar with a delay effect

You can read the interview in entirety here.

And you can see Bono’s GLORIOUS 1987 hair-doo below.