Two Young Drivers Among Those Charged In Friday R.I.D.E. Checks

More than 800 drivers checked by South Simcoe Police

A busy Friday night for South Simcoe Police on the R.I.D.E watch. More than 800 drivers were pulled over for a check:

  • 24 were tested
  • 3 are facing criminal charges for impairment
  • 5 were in the WARN range and had their licences suspended and vehicles towed
  • 2 were charged with having open liquor in their vehicles
  • 2 young drivers – under 21 and with no alcohol restrictions attached to their licences – were charged and suspended

We hate to belabour the point about impaired driving, but we will, because we apparently need to. South Simcoe Police Staff Sergeant Steve Wilson shares some some stats and advice on this week’s edition of Walking The Beat.