Two Experts Are Saying Tiger King Star Carole Baskin’s MIA Husband’s Will Was Forged

What does this mean for her moving forward?

Yes Tiger King feels like it came out multiple crisis’ ago, and actually that’s true. If you have not seen the show now, I’m not sure you ever WILL. There were plenty of controversial characters in the Netflix docu-series, Joe Exotic currently serving time for his murder for hire plot involving Carole Baskin. In there series the producers and editors much made made it appear that there were multiple criminals in Tiger King¬†including the suspicious dissapearance of Carole Baskin’s ex husband. In the will she enherited his $10 Million Dollar fortune, something Joe Exotic always thought was suspicious. Now two experts Thomas Vastrick and lawyer Joseph Fritz have come out to say they have viewed the will and believe it be forged.¬†

However apparently, this was news that law enforcement were already aware of.