TVs May Be Sucking More Electricity Than You Think

May be costing consumers thousands of dollars

Environmental group – Natural Resources Defense Council – in the U.S. has accused three major TV manufacturers of misleading consumers and regulators about how much energy high-definition screens use, alleging the TVs were designed to perform more efficiently during government testing than in ordinary use. Its report suggests TVs made by Samsung, LG and Vizio cost households an extra $120 million in electricity bills each year and generating an additional 5 million metric tons of carbon pollution. Samsung and LG sets have a dimming feature that turns off the screens’ backlight during part of the 10-minute video clip used in government tests – something that does not typically happen when the sets are being used in homes. While not illegal, the Council says it exploits weaknesses in the Department of Energy’s system to measure electricity usage. Click here for more from CBS News.