Trump Wins!

Will become 45th President of the United States

Somebody said – many said – that it couldn’t be done. But Donald Trump did it. He is President-Elect, en route to the White House. Analysts are scratching their heads wondering how it happened. Some suggesting he was able to mobilize many who had not voted before, those he called the ‘forgotten Americans’. In his acceptance speech he said it’s time for Americans to come together and pledged to be president “for all Americans.” So what does it mean? During the campaign, Trump pledged to revoke the nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite trade deals like NAFTA, that would affect Canada and Mexico. He also promised to quickly revoke ObamaCare. Trump’s victory has sent money markets into a tizzy – too much uncertainty at the moment. Interesting to note that as the results came in last night, and Trump maintained his lead over Hillary Clinton, Canada’s immigration website went down. It’s not clear if it was due to Americans logging on in droves researching – as many said they might do – how to move to Canada.

How did Trump’s victory happen? Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani says it’s simple: rural resentment against eastern arrogant establishment. And he may be right. Across America, rural voters turned out in droves – something they had not done in recent years.