Trump-Clinton Debate Tonight!

100 Million Expected to tune in!

The first of three U.S, Presidential debates goes tonight and it’s being billed almost the same way as a major Heavyweight Boxing Event or top UFC main event would be.  The two candidates will square off against each other for the first time tonight on international television.

The stakes couldn’t be higher as the two Presidential hopefuls are almost even in the popular opinion polls with Democrat Hilary Clinton sitting currently with just a slight lead ahead of the Republican Nominee Donald Trump.

Close to 100 million people are expected to tune into the debate tonight. Many, largely to see what type of a train-wreck may develop during the broadcast.  Will we see the fiery Trump go off-script and shout down his opponent and call her names?  Will Clinton be able to speak circles around Trump and catch him in some fabricated stats that he has woven from time to time during the campaign?  For Trump, expectations are low, so if he performs well, he could actually look Presidential to some undecided voters and for Clinton, she’s going to have to perform at the top of her game to try to take a clear lead in the polls.

The gloves drop at 9 pm tonight and runs for 90 minutes without commercial breaks.  By the time we get close to the end of time, it will have become clear which candidate has won the first round.