Trailer Roundup: Scream 5, The Shrink Next Door (Will Ferrell), Home Sweet Home Alone

Each trailer actually looks good...which for the past 18 months was even a stretch

Will Ferrell stars in something that seems a bit more out of his element — which is a good thing, his recent run of movies has been pretty terrible. Team up Ferrell with Anchorman costar Paul Rudd and you’ve got something because the trailer for this looks great. It’s a dark comedy based on a true story, The Shrink Next Door arrives on Apple+ November 12th. This is a limited series and the first time Will Ferrell will be on a television show in a long time.

Disney+ Day is coming up on November 12th and they will plenty to choose from including a brand new home Alone movie. It may surprise you but there have been 5 Home Alone movies, although everything after Home Alone 2 sucked. The third was forgettable, and the 4th and 5th went straight to video. This actually looks decent. Parents know the Home Alone series so they will want their kids to watch it, and like it, which seems possible from the trailer.

This one isn’t going to be arriving before Halloween but the trailer has and at least the first half of the trailer doesn’t seem that cheesy. By the time Courtney Cox appears in the trailer though it may be worthy of an eye roll, however this is a series that was a big deal when it came out so remaking it isn’t crazy. Especially in the horror genre, they all get remade…Halloween, Paranormal Activity, Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre…the list goes on.