Toronto Attack Leads to Police Chase Through Barrie and Orillia

Traffic Snarled During the Morning Rush as Police Closed Ramps and Lanes in Pursuit of Suspect

A 32-year-0ld Toronto man is in custody after a police chase that shut down the 400. It all started just after 6:30 this morning, after Toronto Police responded to reports of a shooting, and 3 separate  car jackings. That lead to dozens of Toronto, York Region, and Provincial squad cars chasing a suspect vehicle up the 400 and through Barrie towards Orillia on Highway 11. A spike belt was used along Highway 11 at the 15th line, and the chase came to an end; not before police say a weapon was tossed in the bushes. Investigators closed off Highway 11 between the 15th Line and Highway 12 as part of the investigation. OPP Staff Sergeant Peter Leon took the time to speak with us, and said while pursuits of this nature can bevery dangerous, the officers from all 5 different police services involved are more than equipped to handle this kind of incident:

One woman was injured during the car jackings in Toronto, suffering a gun shot wound. She was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.