Top 7 Bad-Time Boozes of Our Youth

Not the first time...but the worst time.

It all started when I was telling a co-worker about the first time I heard Aerosmith’s “Angel”.

I approximated the year to be 1990…but it was probably more like 1987 (when the song was first released).

My brother put the song on a mix-tape for a pre-teen dance party he was throwing in the living room of my childhood home.

My co-worker – let’s call her Victoria – was curious about the on-goings at said party.

How many people? Were there snacks? How old was everyone? Was anyone drunk? Were they drinking Smirnoff Ice?

I said, “Oh my young Victoria. Smirnoff Ice wasn’t even invented then”.

I gave her a few moments to collect the exploded pieces of her mind and we continued the conversation…except now we were on the topic of what people used to drink before they were legally allowed to drink (not condoning, simply recognizing that it does happen. A lot.)

And as fellow colleagues gathered to contribute to the conversation…a few brand names started to emerge as the  (HEAVY ECHO)


(Warning…might bring up some not-so-pleasant memories)

Sour Puss



Fireball Whiskey




Bacardi Breezer



Mike’s Hard Lemonade




Smirnoff Ice





I know.

That was hard to get through.

Aren’t you glad you grew up?