Top 500 Weekend

It's a Labour Day Tradition!

It’s the final long weekend of the 95 Days of Summer, and what a great summer it has been!

2016 will be long remembered for the many amazing outdoor summer events we’ve had a chance to be part of, the blazing heat and sunshine that made up a large part of this summer, and cooling down at beaches, pools and outdoor patios.

Labour Day weekend will be filled with sunshine and a lot of people enjoying that one last glorious long weekend of summer and with it the Top 500 Songs of all time that has become such a big part of Labour Day weekend celebrations around Central Ontario.  There’s also your first chances to win passes to ROCK 95’s Burn Your Mortgage Birthday Bash!

Make sure to pack ROCK 95 along with your summer gear, get out and enjoy and go safe this Labour Day weekend!  Cheers!