Top 3 Canadian Ways to Spend the Long Weekend

Brews and Naps? What gets better on a long weekend! This stuff!

What better way to show off your Canadian pride then some national staples for the long weekend.. Here’s my top 3 ways to spend the long weekend!

3: Road Hockey Beers!

We all love a good game of hockey, how about we throw some beers in the mix? Lets be somewhat responsible though, every 3 goals scored, take a beer break! Then get back in the action and play some more! Losing team takes a drink!

2: Horseshoes! 

This game is wicked… I love getting my friends around two sandy pits and chocking some horseshoes on a pole.. Don’t have horseshoes? use literal shoes tied together and extend the distance between the pits


Get to the freaking cottage people, and enjoy some time on the water. I can tell you right now its the best way to spend an hour, weekend, or day! Its peaceful and you can enjoy quality time with friends and family!