Tom Hardy Stars In ‘Capone’ *Full Trailer*

Set To Be Released On May 12th direct to VOD.

We have never really been given a true Al Capone biopic. There’s documentaries out there, and books, but never a feature film (that I can think of, I have been wrong before, once). Tom Hardy who can do no wrong in my books stars as famous Chicago Mobster Al Capone in a new movie being released on May 12th. But there’s no theatres! They thought about that, and this big budget flick is heading straight to Video On Demand. Awesome news. And the trailer looks gives me high hopes for this one.

One big regret I have from being in Saskatchewan was not visiting the Moose Jaw Tunnels which Al Capone used to smuggle booze. But thank god for the internet.

The movie looks to focus on the later years of Al Capone’s life when he moved to Florida. I’m all in on this. But any new movies at this point, I’d be all in on. So judge it for yourself.