To Floss Or Not To Floss

Studies wonder why; dentists say don't stop

Don’t stop flossing. A report Monday from Associated Press cited 25 studies that found the evidence for flossing weak and unreliable – to the point where the American government admitted there isn’t sufficient research and quietly removed flossing from its dietary guidelines. The Canadian Dental Association hasn’t changed its stance on flossing. It says anything that gets rid of plaque and bacteria from between teeth – places where your toothbrush can’t get to – is a good thing, leaving plaque there is not. The issue may be the way we floss. The CDA says each tooth should be cleaned by wrapping the floss in a C-shape around the base of the tooth and sliding the floss from base to tip two or three times, and that teeth should be brushed after flossing.

photo: G M via Flickr