Tis the Season for Office Parties

How to survive and keep your job

You can always tell the old hands at the annual Christmas Office Party, they’re the ones who come in and apologize before the night even gets rolling!

If you’re not sure who you should sit with, look for the people at the office you know don’t drink.  That way, you can have the entire bottle of wine that’s on the table all to yourself.

There are some etiquette tips for Office Christmas Parties for you to keep in mind.  For example, it’s a good idea not to blow off the annual office tradition as it may look like a “snub” to company officials.  Also, it’s not a good time to talk “office politics” or how poorly the place is run among the other staff members.  Always assume your boss can hold his booze better than you can, and it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that the office Christmas Party isn’t the ideal time to tear up the night, otherwise you could be the source of the office gossip the following morning.

The key to remember is to behave appropriately, rather than to get wasted and tell the boss where to go, otherwise you may not have a job to return to in the New Year.