Time to Gear Up!

Here's my personal checklist for the start of the season

It’s that time of year again, the rivers are chocolate milk and the fish are abundant. But dude….. Have you even looked at your tackle all winter? Sharpen your hooks? Prepare your trunk to hold all your gear, just in case there’s fish on the way home from work? Not even close!

Here’s my personal checklist for the start of the season:


  1. Wader Check! – This one is just a simple, put em on. Sit in the tub. Are you wet? If yes, fix it!
  2. Rod Check! – First, Get your mind out of the gutter… Second, look over each piece of your rod for cracks/dents. This includes ringlets!
  3. Reel and Line Check! – Your rod can snap, your waders can have holes, your tackle can be 10 years old! But one thing you absolutely cannot cheap out on, or forget to check is your line and your reel. If you are like me, and totally wild about the condition of your precious reel. BUY A HARD CASE! Onto our check: Give it a few spins! if it feels sticky, tense, or is grinding take it apart, clean/lube up the bearings and try again! Line is a little different depending on the style of fishing, for regular spinners change your line. For Fly Fisherman/centre pinners, it’s personal preference, I like to change my entire line setup every 2 seasons.
  4. Tackle Check! – This step has to be my favorite. Because I never EVER actually finish it. My personal way to fish is minimalist. Other then a rod, I carry absolutely nothing. I wear a fishing vest to hold my tackle in small containers, sorted for different river conditions. I wear waders which holds everything else including my net tied to the belt. But before I head out, I always double check I have 3 EACH of my top hitting flies, and 2 of everything else.

And as always, have fun, be respectful of your fellow fisher, and Don’t Throw Your Trash!