This Guy Swims To Work To Avoid Traffic

You would get a nice swimmer's body in no time!

Tired of being stuck in traffic while driving to work? Don’t want to sandwich yourself between smelly, sweaty people on public transit? Swim to work and avoid it all! Plus, you’ll probably get really fit really fast.

Meet 40-year-old Benjamin David from Munich, Germany who has the most relaxing commute ever. He swims 2 km to and from work. He stores his work clothes and computer in  a specially designed waterproof sack that’s also a flotation device and then jumps into the Isar River!

“The traffic on the road next to the Isar is so wild that it is no fun,” he tells the BBC. “When I’m swimming, I am indeed quicker and also more relaxed.”

YouTube / DNB Stories

If Rock 95 was on Kempenfelt Bay, I would totally swim to work!

Main Image via BBC