This day in Music History- Oct 5- Motley Crue pretend to be a different band

The Story of Kickstart My Heart.

October 5th, 1989, Motley Crue booked a show at the Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood California. The Whiskey was incredibly instrumental to the band’s beginnings, it’s where they played a majority of their first shows.

Crue were getting ready to go out on tour to support their fifth studio album, Dr. Feelgood. The band wanted to do a few warm-up shows before they went out on the road.

Motley Crue decided in order to warm up they would book a show at the Whiskey under the name The Four Skins.
The band used this show as an opportunity to film grab footage for the music video for single Kick Start my Heart.

Watch the music video for Kick Start My Heart here:

Something to watch for: Comedian Sam Kinison plays Crue’s limo driver at the beginning of the video.

A very popular Motley Crue cover band named themselves The Foreskins and they do quite well for themselves!