This Artificial Intelligence Program Has Been Replacing Famous Actors Faces With Nick Cage

You Didn't Know You Needed This Until Now

Have you ever wanted to know what Nicholas Cage would’ve been like playing the role of James Bond? Now you can thanks to a new AI technology and a trend called ‘deepfakes.’

This trend began a couple months ago when redditors started using a machine learning algorithm to replace porn stars faces with female celebrities. The results were so life-like people had to do a double take. How it works is that the machine scans multiple images of the chosen celebrity’s face and then imagines what they’d look like in the given video.

Redditors then took it to an all new level and began using it to put Nic Cage in every film and TV show: Game of ThronesTerminator, and Raiders of the Lost Ark just to name a few. Now there’s rumours of there being a full-length movie in the works!

Technology is definitely advancing and we’re only one month into 2018! Who knows what’s going to happen?! Until then, lets look at our fav Hollywood star in some classic movies:


“Indiana Jones”

T-1000 in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

And probably the creepiest one, Lois Lane in “Man of Steel”