There’s A Thunderstorm Warning

Seek shelter, avoid being out in the open

Electrical storms are one of those things that people don’t consider a serious risk but Simcoe County’s Manager of 911 and Emergency Planning Cathy Clark says it’s impossible to predict where lightning will strike

And it can kill rapidly.

A Thunderstorm Watch is an alert that conditions are such a severe storm could develop.

A Thunderstorm Warning means severe weather is occurring or imminent.


Clark says when an electrical storm is occurring you want to be indoors. And unlike a tornado, inside a car or a shed will do.

If you can’t get indoors the safest thing to do is crouch down on the balls of your feet, making yourself as small as you can, with a little contact with the ground as possible.

Do not stay under a tree or umbrella – both can become lightning rods.

If you or your kids are playing sports outdoors keep an eye out for menacing clouds and an ear out for thunder.

If there’s any hint of lightning get off the field and find shelter – championship game or not.

Clark says nothing in life is worth being outside in an electrical storm.

banner image – Thomas Bresson via Flickr