There’s A Petition To Replace Kevin Spacey With Kevin James On ‘House Of Cards’

No, Seriously

There’s been a lot of talk about what’s going to come of House of Cards amid all of the Kevin Spacey allegations. Netflix announced last week that they would be cancelling the series after the upcoming sixth season, and have recently suspended production to further investigate the situation.

While rumours have been sparked about Spacey’s character being killed off, some people think it would be a better idea to replace his character with Paul Blart: Mall Cop star, Kevin James. Fans have started a petition for this change, and it’s accumulated just over 28,000 signatures.

In the description for the petition, it states, “Kevin James can elevate House of Cards to a globally adored franchise like Game of Thrones and make the entire world focus on one of the most important Netflix Original series there is.” The petition’s creator, Robbie Pyma, also sent the petition to Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings.

So far, it looks like the internet is totally onboard with the idea.