There’s A 25 Foot Statue Of Jeff Goldblum In London

Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of Jurassic Park

Is it a bird? is it a plane? A dinosaur…? No, it’s Jeff Goldblum. One might wonder why, an incredibly large statue of Jeff Goldblum, might casually be lounging on London England’s soil (also known as Potter Fields).

To answer your question, the artwork is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park – and this isn’t any old Goldblum statue, it’s Goldblum as his character Dr. Ian Malcolm. The statue depicts the actor lying on his side, shirt open, as a reflection of one of the films most iconic scenes.

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”


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NowTV confirmed that the statue weighs equivalent to 48,000 teabags – a total of 150 kg.

Goldblum returned in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earlier this year for a brief cameo as his original character. In May it was announced that he will be releasing a debut album, as he is said to be an incredible pianist with a strong interest in Jazz.

Image courtesy NOWTV