The World’s Highest Paid Actresses 2017

There's a new #1

Forbes’ annual list of the highest-paid actresses has been released for this year and there’s a new #1 in town.

Here are the top five:

5. Mila Kunis ($15 million)

Mila Kunis is currently working on a sequel to “Bad Moms” and has a steady job as the voice of Meg on “Family Guy”.

4. Melissa McCarthy ($18 million)

Melissa McCarthy is a film making machine. Her latest flick, “Life of the Party” is due out next year.

3. Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million)

Even though Jennifer fell to the #3 spot from #1 last year, she’s still raking in the big bucks thanks to projects like the upcoming horror movie “Mother!” and the Russian spy thriller “Red Sparrow”.

2. Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million)

Jennifer Aniston hasn’t done anything big since 2014’s “Cake”, but she’s continued to book steady roles including this year’s “The Yellow Birds”. Her #2 status is almost entirely thanks to her endorsement deals with Smartwater and Aveeno.

1. Emma Stone ($26 million) 

Emma Stone scored the top spot on the list thanks to her “La La Land” payout. She also scored a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Mia.