The World Rallies Around Bullied 9-year Old Boy

Celebs Rally Around Bullied 9-Year-Old From Australia

A video was recently uploaded to the internet by a worried mother who picked her 9 year old child up from school only to witness her son being bullied first hand. Her son suffers from dwarfism and was bullied in a regular basis at school, so much so that in the video he expresses some suicidal thoughts. The video is heartbreaking to watch as the boy cries and the mother films it asking for help.

This video caught the attention of the Internet in just one day, and although the internet can be a terrible place, it can also be the opposite, as Hollywood stars stepped up to comfort 9 year old Quaden Bayles and offer their support and friendship.

Stand up comedian and podcast host, Brad Williams, who also has dwarfism was the first to speak up and offer his personal support toe Quaden.

But it didn’t stop there, Brad took the initiative to set up a Go Fund me page, with a goal of 10k, so that Quaden Baylen and his family could get a trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland went from a possibility, to a certainty quickly, and other organizations including the Los Angeles Angels, offered the experience for Quaden Baylen to attend a game.

Australian Superstar Hugh Jackman caught wind of the story and offered his friendship as well through a heartfelt video talking about the seriousness of bullying.

As of the writing of this blog the Go Fund Me Page, has reached a staggering 224k!

(Cover Photo Courtesy of the Go Fund Me Page)