The Swineapple Taking Over BBQs

Way better than pineapple on pizza

A wild barbecue craze is finally hitting the mainstream. The “Swineapple” is a creation designed to satisfy the desires of bacon lovers everywhere. It requires a lot of preparation, but based on the online reactions – it may totally be worth it.

The creation requires mastery of the bacon weave – a concept popularized by the online cooking series “Epic Meal Time”. Once the bacon is woven, wrap it around your pineapple and either bake or barbecue your creation.

Gusface Grillah has posted a recipe for his version of the Swineapple here.

But there isn’t just one version of the swineapple. Tasty has posted their own version of the swineapple… as a hot dog!

CC image courtesy of Cayobo via Flickr