The Rolling Stones Release Their 1977 El Mocambo Show

The audience was expecting the "Cockroaches" and instead got legends.

The Rolling Stones are celebrating 60 years and all over their social media channels, they are sharing some of their greatest moments.

One of those greatest moments was their show for a very small audience at El Mocambo in Toronto in 1977, and you can get it here! The best part is the audience was expecting April Wine and a band called the Cockroaches. The Cockroaches as you can guess were the Rolling Stones themselves who were recording an album at that show.

From the post on the Stones Facebook page:

“Available officially for the first time, the Stones live shows at El Mocambo are widely considered one of the band’s most iconic live performances. Across the nights of March 4 and 5 1977, the Rolling Stones played ‘secret’ gigs at the 300 capacity venue in Toronto, under the guise of ‘The Cockroaches’, playing alongside Montreal rock favourites April Wine. Unknowing radio contest winners were the lucky music fans in attendance. By the second night, word had got out and it was very difficult to get in..
“We’re up on stage at the El Mocambo and we never felt better. I mean, we sounded great.” – Keith Richards”